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Healthcare provider of the two continents…

The core principle of Medistate Kavacık Hospital is to contribute to the advancement of medical science by delivering advanced, preventive, and curative healthcare services. This commitment is upheld by a team of well-trained, experienced physicians and healthcare professionals who adhere unwaveringly to ethical principles. The hospital’s comprehensive approach to quality and healthcare ensures that these standards are maintained.

Positioned at a pivotal point in Istanbul, Medistate Kavacık Hospital consistently raises the bar in the healthcare sector. Leveraging its expert approach and cutting-edge technology, it serves as a bridge between two continents, offering high-quality healthcare services to residents of both the European and Anatolian sides.

Situated in the heart of Kavacık, one of Istanbul’s key hubs, Medistate Kavacık Hospital boasts a strategic location. Its accessibility, only 8 km from Levent and 12 km from Ataşehir, ensures that quality healthcare is within reach for all patients.

Spanning an impressive indoor area of 17,000 m2, Medistate Kavacık Hospital operates in Beykoz-Kavacık. It features state-of-the-art facilities including 14 neonatal intensive care units, 12 adult intensive care units, 4 coronary intensive care units, and 5 cardiovascular surgery intensive care units. With a total of 113 inpatient beds and a skilled medical team, the hospital is fully equipped to provide exceptional care.

Distinguished as having the largest emergency medicine service among private hospitals, Medistate Kavacık Hospital takes a progressive approach. It facilitates communication between medical specialists abroad through an online system, enabling the exchange of patient reports and conditions. This collaboration aids in making well-informed decisions for patients’ health. Supported by an ethical scientific committee, dedicated to accurate diagnosis and healthcare, as well as a robust scientific and high-tech infrastructure, the hospital’s specialized physicians deliver exemplary care.

In essence, Medistate Kavacık Hospital is dedicated to providing you with a life of wellness and contentment, upholding its mission and values.

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