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Our Precious Guest

Welcome to Medistate Kavacık Hospital. Our guide book is prepared with the purpose to make it easy for you during all the service processes that you receive from our Hospital. We provide 7×24 service for a healthier life. We thank you for commending your health to us.

Hospitalization Operations

When you come to our hospital, the patient will be directed to the Office of Coordination of hospitalization paid by Consultants. Inpatient Coordination Authority is controlled by your appointment with your credentials transactions initiated after hospitalization, admission will be signed Consent and Undertaking. Information regarding your treatment fees will be requested in accordance with the pre-advance. After admission procedures are completed, or that accompanied the patient to the service advisor you will be removing the room description


Your salary specified treatment before admission, during admission procedures Coordination Office may pay admission. Throughout the duration of treatment with any information regarding payment can learn from the Office for the Coordination of hospitalization. During long term treatment expenses will be requested to pay for the call. TL payments, credit card, you can perform on the basis of the U.S. Dollar and the Euro. Private insured transactions made pursuant to the prior approval of our patients, our patients will be informed at discharge numerical obtaining approval. This process takes 30 to 45 minutes.

Patient Relations Service

Medistate Kavacık Hospital Patient Relations Department, our goal is to offer world-class quality healthcare services in line with the objective being to assist you within the institution serves. Patient Relationship Management by making regular visits to you as soon as possible to meet your wants and needs are working for.

Patient Relations Department by calling to let you know your comments and suggestions;

• 3021 may request the extension line of the face to face interview,

• Patient Satisfaction Survey Form available in the rooms and clinics can fill the bank,

• can send e-mail to the address.

Nursing Services

Medistate Kavacık Hospital patient’s physical, psychological and social aspects to meet the needs of nursing and patient-centered nursing care services are offered in the spirit of the team.

The quality of health care provided to patients and their relatives is the most important factor in the understanding of the services offered is to provide a team. Nursing services are an indispensable part of quality health care. Nurses need to have healthy individuals to patients and health care workers are one of the cornerstones. In our hospital, our nurses, our patients’ health-related needs can be met by nursing interventions for the general population. Nursing diagnostic process in the context of the needs identified under the care, evidence-based plans, implements, evaluates and checks. After the evaluation and control by making use of the data obtained makes the necessary improvements. Thus, quality nursing care services for patients and their relatives are offered.

From the moment you are admitted to hospital policy on patient safety will be informed by the nurses. In line with this policy, the various security measures will be implemented for you.

In patient rooms, nurses, nurse calls systems to facilitate access to features.

Nursing Services is related to any topic you want to consult your service and charge nurse who you can contact with the nurse.

Discharge Services

Your doctor, nurse, first after you reported your discharging Nursing Services and floors made final checks of your file by the Secretary, Department of patient discharge information will be given out. Patient -out cash payment by the Department, agency operations authorization bill will be prepared quickly completed. For discharge process initiated after a period of time until the formation of the bill may have to wait.

After the transactions are completed, the Secretary of floors or discharged by Nurse Patient Consent Form with out you will be directed to the Department. Pay your bills by performing delivered to you after you lose your discharge Consent Form, you will receive Floor Supervisor Nurse or Secretary, so your transaction will be completed discharge. After completion of the discharge process as a floor secretary epicrisis your report approved by your physician will be delivered to you.


Your room every day, morning and afternoon will be cleaned routinely. Other than that, tell your nurse responsible for cleaning your request will be sufficient.

Technical Services

Any equipment in your room (TV, sofa, wardrobe, bed, etc.). Arise regarding technical service is available 24 hours for the failure. Technical Services will be sufficient to refer to the Floor Nurse.

Tailor / Laundry

Floor responsible for providing information in case you need this service for a fee.

Flower Prohibition

Due to the risk of infection, inpatient fresh flowers in our room are not acceptable. Consultation with flowers from your flower cards received by and you will be notified by telephone. For in the day flower cards will be delivered to you through our consultants. Your flower delivery, flowers given to you without consulting with your card chargeback occurs.


Patients and their caregivers a safe, peaceful environment in order to receive services Security Services is staffed 24 hours.


Supervision of a dietitian and food service in the breakfast, hot and cold split Food Service Assistants with special handling is done by car.

Breakfast : 07:00 to 8:00

Lunch: 12:00 to 13:30

Dinner: 17:30 to 18:30

Health and Hospitals terms of the rules should not accept outside food and drinks are kindly requested.


Cafe with varied menu and decent environment Hospital is on the ground floor to serve you. From the menu you can request in-room phones. From your room by calling 0281 0280 or by specifying your room number and can order.

24 hours a day except Sunday’s cafeteria serves. Hospital security due at 22.00 which is reached through the hospital cafeteria door is closed. From this time onwards you can get service by logging the outer door of the cafeteria.


Parking and valet services are provided at the hospital. Hospitalized patients during their stay in the hospital for a vehicle parking service Inpatient Department will enjoy free use of the cards.

Visitor Hours

Visiting hours are from 10:00 to 22:00. Please as a visitor not to bring your children under the age of 7. It is important to reduce the risk of transmission of infection. 21:00 the next entry is made in the emergency room door.

For your health more than two people at the same time you do not accept visitors and visiting time limit of 15 minutes. Thank you in advance.

Interpretation Services

Foreign nationals in the communication needs of our patients and service processes are facilitated with interpreting services. Patient Relations Representative will assist you in this regard.


There is a separate bedroom and menus for your companion. Institutions as the principle underlying our patients to reduce the risk of infection in all our rooms, only one person can accompany the patient.


Receptionist, in accordance with your request as soon as possible will help you by providing taxi.


In room cooling and heating operations, are performed by the central computer system. That our hospital system, clearing of the air is also provided. Therefore, our hospital is not out the window. Each room has a feature according to your needs can be conditioned. To use the adjustment buttons can seek help from the staff.

Electronic Devices

May cause technical problems and can affect patient safety, avoid using appliances such as water heaters in your room we kindly request .


Daily newspapers are available in the waiting room on the floors every day.


Room with our national television channels, sports, cinema and documentary channels, it is possible to follow. Not to disturb the other patients you care about sound.

Hairdressing Services

Floor Nurse Specialist in the field of maintenance services to communicate this to your request will be sufficient. Your request hairdressing services on our hospital are offered for a fee.


Our hospital does not accept pets.

Switchboard - Telephone

Plant please refer to “0″ by pressing the outer Please inform your search request . You make outside calls will be charged at the stage of discharge. In addition to people from outside who will call you in your room include a phone number. Those who wish to dial into the end of your room number “0” can call you from adding.


Although water is distilled, would not recommend drinking tap water. Your need for drinking water dispenser are available on every floor.


Valuables during your stay you can maintain in encrypted safe in your room.


Hospital due to the negative impact on your health as smoking suggest not to drink . Smoking is not allowed in any area in our hospital.

Call Center

Specially trained staff in all matters related to health with accurate, reliable information and guidance 24/7 to serve . Hospitalization from your phone unless you made the room ” 2001 ” can be accessed by dialing Call Center .

Turkey from all over the appointment and get information by dialing 444 44 13.

For Your

Medistate Kavacık Hospital, which constantly raises the bar in its sector with its professional approach to health and advanced technology, brings two continents together with the quality health services it offers to those living on both the European and Anatolian sides.