Organization Accredited by Joint Commission International


Quality Policy

Our Priorities:

Our primary focus is on becoming a center of excellence in healthcare services, embracing a culture of continuous quality improvement and unwavering commitment to patient safety.

We aim to cultivate and reinforce our approach to quality enhancement and patient safety by integrating evidence-based medical practices that align with international standards of excellence in healthcare.

We aspire to exceed patient expectations by delivering faultless, high-quality healthcare services under economical circumstances. Our commitment to utilizing knowledge and the latest technology is unwavering, while never compromising our ethical values. Throughout the course of treatment, our caring, compassionate approach ensures our patients receive the utmost care.

Our Principles:

For Our Patients:

We are dedicated to providing services at international healthcare standards.

Our practices are rooted in evidence-based medicine to ensure patient safety.

We uphold ethical values at every step of the treatment process.

Our healthcare staff demonstrates a compassionate and affectionate approach throughout patient treatment.

We continually enhance our technological infrastructure to deliver top-tier healthcare services.

Understanding patient expectations, we strive for continuous improvement and service that exceeds these expectations

For Our Employees: 

We maintain a culture of unity and motivation among our employees.

Transparent communication is the cornerstone of our employee management policy.

We create and sustain a work environment characterized by health, tranquility, and trustworthiness

We safeguard the material and ethical rights of our employees.

Our human resources policy undergoes constant review, updating, and improvement.

High-performing employees are duly recognized and rewarded through regular performance evaluations.

We provide ongoing training and self-development opportunities for our employees.

Our training initiatives, both internal and external, enable the development of professional knowledge, competencies, behavioral skills, and leadership qualities.

For Society: 

We are committed to delivering modern, technologically advanced healthcare services that enhance the overall quality of life for the society.

Collaborating with various societal institutions, we continue training, planning, and coordination efforts aimed at improving the quality of life

Our provision of necessary healthcare services remains environmentally conscious, aligned with a nature-friendly, eco-conscious approach.

For Your

Medistate Kavacık Hospital, which constantly raises the bar in its sector with its professional approach to health and advanced technology, brings two continents together with the quality health services it offers to those living on both the European and Anatolian sides.