surgical oncology

We specialize in both radical and minimally invasive procedures within the realm of surgical oncology, addressing critical facets of cancer treatment. Our approach encompasses a multidisciplinary framework that guides our surgical interventions for cancer patients. Through comprehensive patient evaluation meetings, we collaboratively determine treatment strategies tailored to each individual’s needs.

Within our General Surgery Department, we concentrate on a spectrum of conditions, including thyroid gland ailments (goiter, hyperthyroiditis), breast cancer, benign breast diseases, esophageal diseases (both cancerous and benign), gastric cancer, colon and rectal tumors, anorectal tumors, liver tumors (both benign and malignant), cysts, gallbladder and biliary tract tumors, pancreatic cysts, tumors, acute and chronic pancreatitis.

Our Orthopedic Oncology unit, housed within the Orthopedics and Traumatology Department, is dedicated to managing orthopedic cancers. We provide comprehensive medical and surgical treatments for tumors affecting extremities, encompassing bones, muscles, and soft tissues.

In the Gynecological Oncology Unit of the Gynecology and Oncology Department, specializing in gynecological cancers, we excel in employing laparoscopic techniques for treating cervical, ovarian, vulvar-vaginal cancers, as well as trophoblastic tumors.

For benign and malignant tumors within the head-neck region (excluding the thyroid gland), the Ear Nose Throat (ENT) Diseases Department offers skilled surgical interventions.

At the Neurosurgical Oncology Department, our expertise lies in addressing brain and spinal cord tumors, including those within the brain stem.

Urologic cancer diseases necessitate a multidisciplinary approach. Our seasoned team of urological surgeons conducts various urologic oncology procedures, extending beyond renal and testicular cancers.

At the surgical oncology department rest assured that each domain of our medical practice is manned by experienced specialists, ensuring comprehensive and tailored care for every patient we serve.

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