Moscow, Russia

Medistate Hospital, renowned for its quality healthcare services, is proudly representing Turkey at the prestigious Health Tourism Fair held in Moscow, the capital of Russia. Positioned among the prominent participants, Medistate Hospital showcases Turkey’s potential in health tourism to the world.

During the fair, Medistate Hospital exhibits cutting-edge medical technology and innovative treatment methods, allowing visitors to witness the high-quality healthcare services available in Turkey up close. Esil Halit, the International Patient Services Director of Medistate Hospital, expresses her pride in representing the top-notch healthcare services offered by Turkey on the international stage.

Esil Halit stated, “Turkey has become a significant player in the global health tourism industry. At Medistate Hospital, we take great pleasure in promoting the high-standard healthcare services of our country in the heart of Russia. We aim to emphasize the strength of the Turkish healthcare sector through our hospitality, expert team, and state-of-the-art medical equipment.”

This important event showcasing Turkey’s success in health tourism also provides an opportunity for other healthcare institutions in Turkey, alongside Medistate Hospital, to promote themselves on the international stage. The Health Tourism Fair offers visitors a chance to connect with healthcare service providers from around the world, fostering collaborations in the international health tourism sector.

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