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Body contouring, or body sculpting, helps get rid of excess fat, tighten the skin and correct asymmetries and other visual imperfections of the body. Liposuction is a non-surgical method that helps eliminate excess fat by using cold, heat, lasers and other methods. Surgical options for body contouring include lifting, augmentation, reduction and liposuction. Surgical interventions carry many risks and the recovery period is long, but they usually provide more visible results.

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What is body contouring?

Body contouring, body modeling or sculpting, is a minimally invasive medical or surgical procedure aimed at changing the shape, size and symmetry of any area of the body. Body contouring includes procedures aimed at:

Getting rid of excess and sagging skin.

Eliminating excess fat and fatty tissue.

Reshaping or contouring one or more areas of the body.

Body contouring does not aim at changing the patient’s dietary regime and losing weight. Instead, it helps to shape the body and correct certain defects where weight loss is ineffective or after significant weight loss the skin sags and aesthetic problems emerge.

People choose body sculpting to look slimmer, to get rid of aesthetic imperfections or to achieve the desired shapes. Patients often resort to this method and go under the knife when diet, exercises and ordinary methods do not work.


Surgery can also be used to remove excess skin to make it look tighter and more youthful. Such procedures can help people who have excess skin after significant weight loss. This usually occurs after gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgeries. Body contouring can also improve the condition of saggy, sagging or wrinkled skin that appears as a result of natural aging.


Body sculpting can target most areas of the body. Common areas include:




Abdomen and flanks (love handles).

The buttocks.

Neck and chin.


Many patients who have undergone body contouring have noticed:


They have a sharper, better defined body contour.

They look younger and slimmer.

The skin is smoother and tighter.

A symptomatic improvement was observed.


The results of the surgical procedure are more visible and immediate. With non-surgical methods, it can take longer to achieve the expected results. And sometimes this may not happen. 

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