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The Truths Behind BBL Surgery

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The Truths Behind BBL Surgery

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery, a cosmetic procedure gaining popularity among women, has become attractive for many individuals aspiring to achieve an ideal buttock appearance. In this article, we compile the truths behind BBL surgery for you.

What is BBL Surgery? What are the Risks?

BBL surgery typically involves fat removal and injection procedures. Initially, fat is usually harvested from areas such as the abdomen, waist, and thighs. Subsequently, this harvested fat is injected into the buttock area to enhance volume and shape.

Firstly, everyone’s anatomy varies, requiring careful planning by the surgeon to achieve a shape harmonious with an individual’s body. Additionally, uncertainties regarding the rate of fat retention in the body and the permanence of injected fat can influence the outcomes of BBL surgery.

Moreover, BBL surgery carries serious risks. In the event of partial absorption of injected fat by the body, fat clots can form, leading to serious complications. Additionally, the risk of infection and other surgical risks during the postoperative period should also be considered. However, under the hands of an experienced surgeon, risks can be minimized.

Is BBL Surgery an Effective Option for Buttock Contouring?

Personal expectations regarding the effectiveness of BBL surgery are also important. Unrealistic expectations can lead to patient dissatisfaction with the results. Therefore, it is important to have open communication between the patient and surgeon before surgery to establish realistic expectations.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgery can be considered a highly effective option for buttock contouring. This surgical procedure involves the injection of fat harvested from the body into the buttock area, resulting in a fuller and more attractive appearance. BBL not only increases the volume of the buttocks but also improves the contour of the waist and thighs, balances body proportions, and helps create a more aesthetic back profile.

BBL surgery can help many people achieve the desired results, but this procedure comes with many risks and uncertainties. Every potential patient should be carefully evaluated before making a decision and should conduct detailed research on the subject before undergoing surgery.

8 Myths About BBL Surgery

1. It’s necessary to use implants for buttock aesthetics.

While implant use is possible, Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedures typically utilize the patient’s own fat. In this procedure, fat is harvested from different areas of the body through liposuction, usually from the abdomen, waist, back, or outer and inner thighs, and then transferred to the buttocks to provide a fuller shape. This method focuses on achieving a natural and personalized result.

Fat taken from the sides of the hips and waist creates a more prominent back profile, contributing to a more protruding and aesthetic shape of the buttocks. This method achieves buttock aesthetics more organically by using the patient’s own harvested fat. Successful and natural-looking results can be achieved without the use of implants.

2. BBL surgery cannot alter your genetic body structure.

Indeed, surgery cannot alter your genetic body structure, but it can help you achieve the desired appearance. The key is to obtain satisfactory results regarding the appearance of your buttocks. BBL surgery can help achieve these results.

3. Slim women cannot undergo BBL.

The concern behind this common belief is the use of fat tissues in the procedure and the worry that thin individuals may not have enough fat tissue. In such cases, implants can be used. However, even thin individuals may have an adequate amount of donor fat. If the person is suitable according to the doctor’s evaluation before surgery, they can consider and undergo the BBL procedure. Therefore, the belief that BBL surgery is only suitable for individuals with a specific body type is a misconception. The evaluation of the individual’s health status and anatomical structure by the surgeon is important for successful and safe outcomes.

4. BBL surgery is a highly risky procedure.

We know that every surgical procedure carries risks. Risks such as partial absorption of injected fat, risk of infection, and other surgical complications exist. These risks can even be life-threatening. Therefore, negative news about BBL surgery has often appeared in the media. However, when performed by inexperienced surgeons, this procedure is high-risk. When performed by experienced and qualified surgeons, the risk of complications is significantly reduced. Therefore, it would not be correct to say that BBL surgery is highly risky as a general judgment.

5. The results of BBL surgery are not worth the risk.

The results of BBL surgery can vary from person to person. Factors such as anatomical differences, body type, and surgical planning are important factors that affect the results. Some individuals may feel anxious about the results of the surgery. The thought that the procedure is not worth the risk and that the results will not be satisfying is generally due to concerns. In reality, the results are often quite satisfactory.

Understanding the realities of BBL surgery can help potential candidates have realistic expectations. A detailed consultation process before surgery and following the surgeon’s recommendations are key to a successful BBL experience.

6. Gaining weight worsens BBL results.

Moderate weight fluctuations will not significantly affect the results. The fat transferred to the buttocks will adapt to changes in your body weight. This ensures that your buttock area remains proportional to the rest of your body, even if you gain or lose weight. However, extreme weight gain or loss will lead to changes in your overall body proportions. This will not only affect the outcome of buttock lifting but also deviate from your aesthetic goals. Therefore, you should strive to maintain your weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

7. BBL is only a cosmetic surgery procedure for buttock enlargement.

BBL not only enhances the size of the buttocks but also reshapes your entire silhouette. In this sense, it is not accurate to define BBL surgery as only a buttock enlargement procedure. This surgical procedure is one of the steps commonly preferred to achieve the hourglass figure, which is widely desired in recent times. In fact, this surgical intervention not only enlarges the buttocks by transferring fat from the body but also shapes and contours the waist and thigh areas. Therefore, BBL is chosen not only for gaining volume but also for achieving the desired appearance (such as a more lifted buttock, a more curvaceous look, etc.).

8. BBL surgery is a very costly procedure.

Due to being a type of aesthetics frequently preferred by celebrities, there is a misconception that BBL surgery is generally quite costly. However, in reality, the cost of this operation may be nearly equivalent to breast augmentation surgery. The exact cost varies depending on the skill and experience of the chosen surgeon, the complexity and scope of the procedure. The important thing is to receive the best service within your budget. In Turkey, there are many experienced surgeons and modern medical centers offering quality aesthetic surgery services. Moreover, the costs in Turkey are generally more reasonable compared to international standards. This offers the opportunity to receive quality service at affordable prices.

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